The Journey” @ Foundation 
“The Journey” is the student ministry at Foundation Church that serves students from 6th-12th grade. At Foundation, we see life as a journey. On the journey, we encounter different phases. One of the most pivotal phases happens during adolescence, a time of change that centers on a search for identity. Understanding adolescent culture around us, our purpose is to embrace and invest in students right where they are as we walk life’s journey with them in these crucial years. God has given us an exciting vision of a diverse group of students growing into a culture of students who find identity in Jesus Christ. We envision students who live to know Him in a deepening way, who grow in His likeness, and show Him in their world! To enable the reality of our vision, we focus on two main ‘pillars’ of the larger church: Discipleship and Missions.
Meet the TJSM Leader Team:
Peyton Kwalwasser        Audrey Cockrell         Allie MacDonnell        Scott Seward (AKA Flash)
The Journey happens…
WHEN:  JR-High meets Sunday Mornings @ 10AM (j-high students are dismissed from the main worship gathering). High School meets Sunday nights from 5-7 P.M.. 
WHERE: @ the church in the Student Ministry Room. 1030 Gettysburg Ave. Clovis CA 93612
 A little bit of us… being us!
February Fuego 2021!!


TJSM Christmas Party 2020!

Welcome to The Journey!